2020 Ferrari 488 Top Speed, 3 seconds

2020 Ferrari 488 Front

For younger generations, there’s no better car than new 2020 Ferrari 488. Ferrari and their team of engineers have done some serious job to make it arrive with the style it is. Now, they’re going to make it look classier than before and therefore, we aren’t surprised with the materials they have been used. New 488 looks super classy and to be honest, that’s the market he needs to be placed on the first time he has been released. Now, the fault is corrected. Let’s take a look at the review we’ve prepared about new 488.

2020 Ferrari 488 Front

2020 Ferrari 488 Exterior Redesign, Review, Specs

New 2020 Ferrari 488 is made to look like a completely new car but with some recognizable details. First, his shape reminds us of his previous version which isn’t bad at all. His previous generation had an amazing aerodynamic ability which worked splendidly. There are some new details when we’re looking at the shape and most of them aren’t visible with your bare eyes. It arrives closer to the ground but just for an inch so you can’t really notice that.

Never mind about you can’t notice it, it works amazing when it comes to the aerodynamic abilities and the difference is clear. Not only that, some of the edges are arriving sharper than before which is really good when it comes to the new 488. That way, the fuel is saved a bit and the engine can be relaxed. Also, the gap between the grille bars is slightly bigger than before which keeps the engine cooled at every moment. 

Of course, the basic trim level of new 2020 Ferrari 488 is painted in red which makes him perfect Ferrari car. That’s something we have used from Ferrari. In addition to that, Ferrari won’t offer new 488 with more exterior color choices than before. That is how they want to keep him classy and luxury. The customers are pleased with every detail that’s arriving on new 488. On the back, we can see a bigger spoiler than before, that means that new 488 is capable to produce greater speed. We’re really loving it that way. We know that’s the thing that can make him closer to the younger customers. They’re going to enjoy every part of new 488. This time, Ferrari has announced some new tires for this car but we still haven’t seen them.

2020 Ferrari 488 Instrument

2020 Ferrari 488 Interior Look, Shape, Materials

Now, Ferrari is doing the best job they can to make it extra luxury and super cozy for the passengers inside. New 2020 Ferrari 488 is their first project that’s going to be available with that kind of materials. Not only leather, but they’ll also use some wooden parts which can really make him look super classy and luxury. If you have those materials combination inside your car, you know that there is something super classy going on. Using that, new 488 is making us all surprised and super excited. Ferrari is obviously trying so much to make us all love it and according to those first details, we’re definitely going to love it more than before. The seats are restyled. They’re now bigger than before and they’re now made to be closer to the bottom of the cabin.

Everything we can see inside this car makes us think that Ferrari is doing all they can to make the passengers feel the speed. The instrument board is redesigned as well and we know that some of the buttons are going to be transferred to the steering wheel. That way, the driver has the perfect control of the entire car. No doubt that new 2020 Ferrari 488 must be controlled in every second. That way, the entire instrument board is more driver-oriented. Everything inside new 488 is designed to help you control this car better than before. That’s been really useful for the driver and the passengers. We still don’t have any ideas about the functions that are going to be installed but we know that there are going to be so many new ones.

2020 Ferrari 488 Rear

2020 Ferrari 488 Engine, Power, Top Speed

The engine unit is surely the most important part of inside this car. The engine is a thing that makes a true Ferrari. Not only it makes him who he really is, but it also separates him from the others. According to the rumors, new 488 is going to be powered with the 3.9-liter petrol powered, supercharged V8 unit. Even though this is just a basic trim level engine version for 2020 Ferrari 488 we know it’s amazing. New 488 is supplied with the 710 horsepower and with the torque amount of 568 lb/ft. That’s more than amazing power amount for a basic trim level version of this mighty and fast super-car.

With it, new 488 can run from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds flat in basic trim level. That means that with some other, stronger engine units, he can go under that barrier of 3 seconds which is amazing to know. The top speed of this superb car is set to be exactly 212 mph. Wow, what numbers are under the hood of new 488.

2020 Ferrari 488 Price and Estimated Launch Date

$303k is the starting price for new 2020 Ferrari 488. That makes him one of the luxury car leaders in the upcoming year market. Now, Ferrari has announced new 488 to be available from March 2020.

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