2020 Ford Explorer Review, Power, Abilities

2020 Ford Explorer Front View

It is safe to say that the new 2020 Ford Explorer has only plan for the future. His plan is to become the best SUV on the market and they’re doing all they can to achieve that plan! Now, Ford has done some nice fine touches to make it arrive that way. It is their attempt to be the best that make the other car Companies think further about their vehicles. Ford surely makes the competition better. That’s one of the goals that Ford has done superbly. Take a look at the brand new Ford Explorer.

2020 Ford Explorer Front View

2020 Ford Explorer Exterior Design, Specs, Review

Ford is trying their best to keep their cars competitive and one of the greatest. This new 2020 Ford Explorer is also the result of the hard work but we know that they won’t be making it with such enormous changes. The exterior design is pretty much the same. We’re sure that new Explorer is a bit bigger than before which is Ford’s way to be closer to the customers on the US market. We know that Explorer is going to arrive on 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels. With them, it gets closer to the younger generation buyers. Also, Ford’s trying to make them available with the supreme tires that are going to make him better when it comes to the off-road driving experience. With it, new Explorer is going to do all it can to improve your driving ability and overall driving feeling.

On the back, we can see that the new 2020 Ford Explorer arrives with larger bumper that makes him safer than before. On that bumper, we can see that the taillights are almost jammed to one another. Even though they’re made to look better than before they will be using the same LED lamps as before. We can see that new Explorer is available with better grille design. Ford has now made it wider than before thanks to some new chrome parts and new vertical bars. There is a wider gap between them which makes the engine cooled in every moment. That’s great. It is visible that Ford has created some changes when it comes to the sides of this car as well and the biggest one is that new Explorer comes with some new lines. With them, it looks sportier than before.

2020 Ford Explorer Cabin Look

2020 Ford Explorer Interior Design, Look, Size

When we’re looking inside, it is safe to say that new 2020 Ford Explorer is going to get roomier than before. That’s more than clear to say because the overall size of this SUV is going to be bigger than it was before. What is positive about new Explorer is that he’s going to offer more room for the passengers and for their cargo. That’s one thing that is sure and one thing that we know that passengers are going to love. The seats inside won’t be different but we know that they’re going to be extra cozy. One more time, they’re made using top-quality Alcantara leather. What is different about them is that now, Ford enables them with both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level.

This time, the Explorer is going to be equipped with the best functions they’re available. Ford has made that available thanks to the better instrument board. This time, Ford has made it available with fewer buttons than before. What is special about it is that there will be a larger touchscreen available. With it, you can be sure that the new 2020 Ford Explorer is made with the better infotainment system. That makes him better than before and better than some other SUVs that are similar to this model. Also, we still don’t know all of those functions but we know that Ford is going to be equipped with the balance between the safety and entertainment functions.

2020 Ford Explorer Rear View

2020 Ford Explorer Engine, Power, Performances

Even the engine unit is a bit improved. That’s Ford’s attempt to make everything better than before. Now, new 2020 Ford Explorer is powered with the 2.7-liter V6 petrol-powered unit. Having this mighty engine under the hood, we know that Ford has made it stronger than before. Now, this engine is powered with the 325 horsepower and with torque amount of 350 lb/ft as the maximum. What is special about new Explorer is that he’s going to have only one transmission system available. This time, it’s going to be the 9-speed automatic transmission system. With it, new Explorer comes available with the reduced fuel consumption and with AWD mode as the perfect mode.

2020 Ford Explorer Estimated Launch Date and Price

New 2020 Ford Explorer is set to be released at the beginning of May 2020. The starting price for this SUV is set to be $37.350.

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