2020 Ford Mustang Shelby, GT350

2020 Ford Mustang Front

There’s no iconic car that can be even close to the 2020 Ford Mustang. We’re loving every single generation of this car and we’re looking forward to every single one of them. With this new Mustang, Ford has tried to do something new so the customers can think nicely of this car. We know that Mustang is the best car to describe pure American power and way to do that is to create a brand new engine. Now, this generation of Mustang is announced with exactly that. Take a look at the details we have heard. New Mustang is the best thing you could find in the upcoming year 2020.

2020 Ford Mustang Front

2020 Ford Mustang Review, Exterior Design

In the first look, the new 2020 Ford Mustang is really interesting for the customers. Definitely, the first things you’re going to see on new Mustang are his stripes and the way his engine appears out of the hood. That’s something, not every car can do, only Mustang knows how to handle it. The shape of the new Mustang remains to be recognizable as before so the potential customers don’t think twice when they see this car on the streets. Ford has done some changes when it comes to the details you’re going to see first. The headlights are made in slightly restyled shape. They aren’t equipped with sharp edges as before since the customers wanted to see new Mustang with the edges that are rounder. To be honest, we’re loving the way how Ford has done it this time.

On the sides, there are those recognizable lines that are making 2020 Ford Mustang so special. Ford is being really careful when it comes to the new details so they don’t want to make it with so many new ones. They’ve thought about the old and faithful customers that still want to recognize Mustang when they spot it on the streets. It arrives with the finest wheels and tires. Ford has painted them in full-black which is the color that makes it scream power and abilities. There won’t be many exterior colors available but all those that are available are super good looking for the customers. All of them are extra modern which is even better.

2020 Ford Mustang Cabin

2020 Ford Mustang Interior Design, Style, Specs

Surely the first thing you’re going to notice inside new 2020 Ford Mustang is the way Ford’s engineers have planned to gain extra space for the customers inside. They’ve made the instrument board available with fewer buttons than we have seen before. The biggest difference is the touchscreen is available with 9.4-inches wide diagonals. Not only that this screen is bigger than before, but it is also positioned to be higher than before which makes the driver perfectly capable to see everything that’s going on about the car and about the journey. Ford has announced that a brand new navigation system is available for new Mustang. It’s going to be powered with the Google Maps system for the first time.

Since the new 2020 Ford Mustang is going to be equipped with brand new seats and with more room inside, the passengers are going to feel more relaxed. Now, they’re enjoying more room and they’re enjoying better comfort level. Even though we can realize that the cargo area is going to be bigger, we know that isn’t the most important thing about the new Mustang. The infotainment system is installed to be the best possible. That means that the engineers are doing the best job they can to make it work easier than before.

2020 Ford Mustang Rear

2020 Ford Mustang Engine, Power, Top Speed

And now, the most important part of the new 2020 Ford Mustang. That’s surely the engine that’s going to be placed under the hood of this powerful car. It is said that the new Mustang is going to work using the 5.2-liter V8 petrol powered unit. This super engine unit is capable to produce more than amazing power amount. Now, Mustang is capable to be supplied with the 526 horsepower and around 429 lb/ft as the maximum torque amount. This time, Mustang is capable to create more than incredible power amount and great performances which places new Mustang, again, at the category of the fastest cars on the planet.

It is said that new Mustang is capable to create the maximum speed of close to the 190 mph which is great and it is better than before. Ford has said that the acceleration time is set to be 4 seconds flat which is also better than before.

2020 Ford Mustang Price and Estimated Launch Date

The officials have released the starting price for new 2020 Ford Mustang to be exactly $60.150. The release date for the new Mustang is set to be May 2020.

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