2020 Kia SP Concept

2020 Kia SP Concept front

SUVs for the future are so exciting to hear about and new 2020 Kia SP Concept is surely one of the most expecting ones to arrive. Kia`s officials have released so many important information`s about it. There are only few responsible sites and sources to talk about new SP Concept and we have turned to some of them to hear closer about this car. Let`s see what is that what`s going to be so special about new SP Concept. We are so happy and proud to hear some reliable details about this upcoming SUV.

2020 Kia SP Concept front

2020 Kia SP Concept Exterior Design, Appearance, Specs

Kia`s cars are known to be one of the nicest on the market. So far, we were able to see that Kia`s cars have won several prizes for the nicest car on the market. New 2020 Kia SP Concept is expected to continue that line. Therefore, we aren`t surprised with the amazing shape and amazing line that this SP Concept has. We aren`t surprised at all that Kia still hasn`t revealed all the details about the exterior design of this car. They have still kept something in dark so the customers and some other car companies can`t look at everything at the moment. It is shown that he`s arriving on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels that are painted in black. With them, this car becomes true luxury SUV.

All the first pictures we`ve seen were in the dark so we can`t really spot some great changes and differences on the exterior. It is clear that the front fascia will remain the same as before. That’s one of the things that customers wouldn`t want to be changed. That type of grille and the way how front bumper is working together with the grille is just amazing. The headlights above it are wider than before and it is obvious that they`re using some new type of lights that we haven`t seen before. On the back, it is clear that the taillights are also wider than before. That makes them even closer to one another. Under them, the fog lights are installed on the rear part of 2020 Kia SP Concept for the first time.

2020 Kia SP Concept side

2020 Kia SP Concept Interior Design, Shape, Style

The cabin is super important for new 2020 Kia SP Concept. It must be splendid so we can make the difference between this SUV and some model similar to him. Kia`s engineers must create something brand new inside this SUV so the customers can notice that the moment they enter this car. According to the rumors, this time, that difference will be on the instrument board. We expect to see really small number of the buttons there. That’s the thing that makes the customers easier to control all the functions. We have heard that the touchscreen is bigger than before. That`s one of the details that tells us that this SUV will have fewer buttons on the instrument board for sure.

The steering wheel is obviously getting bigger than before. That means he`s going to be jammed with some new functions as well. Also, some of Kia`s officials have released the information that new 2020 Kia SP Concept is available with head-up display. That means that the safety is primarily for this SUV. Based on that, we can conclude what functions are going to be the part of the infotainment system. Now, there are the functions such as: emergency braking, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, all around view cameras, more airbags than before, hill assistant, overtaking assist, tire pressure monitoring, satellite navigation and satellite radio and many others that`s going to make your driving easier and safer. The entertainment will be on the 2nd place this time.

2020 Kia SP Concept rear

2020 Kia SP Concept Engine, Power, Abilities

The engine unit is the thing what Kia tries to hide the most. Now, we know that they`re going to use brand new engine for 2020 Kia SP Concept. According to the first details, new SP Concept is arriving with the finest petrol powered unit. The first thing that we have heard is that the basic trim level of new SP Concept is going to be equipped with the 1.6-liter supercharged VTVT engine unit. This one is brand new so it is still hard to estimate his power amount. We have heard the rumors that it`s going to be able to produce over 130 horsepower in the basic trim level. That`s brilliant and that`s more than we could imagine.

The gearbox that`s going to work with this engine is probably 8-speed automatic ones but we still don`t have the confirmation about that from the Kia`s officials. With that transmission system, the fuel consumption will be really low which is the thing that customers are expecting to see.

2020 Kia SP Concept interior

2020 Kia SP Concept Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2020 Kia SP Concept is said to be May 2020 because there are still few things to be handled with this SUV. The price is said to definitely be over $35k for the basic trim level but it is still quite a mystery.

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