2020 Lincoln Continental Specs, Rumors

2020 Lincoln Continental Front

When you hear that new 2020 Lincoln Continental is heading towards the next year market you can’t get without the shiver down your spine. That is the exact feeling that we’ve got. Lincoln has done all the amazing features to make him one of the finest and we are so happy that they’ve done it that way. New Continental is made to become a true leader of the luxury SUV category. Not only they have made it improved in many segments, but they have also made it closer to the customers all around the world.

2020 Lincoln Continental Front

2020 Lincoln Continental Redesign, Changes, Review

On the first appearance, the new 2020 Lincoln Continental looks like it is one super strong and awesome SUV. It is said that Lincoln has used the finest materials to complete the chassis of this car. We have received the information’s that the new sedan is made using carbon fiber and aluminum. Together, they make him run faster than before without some additional effort from the engine. Not only that, new Continental has its grille available with a wider gap between the vertical bars. That way, the engine is getting cooler than ever. That works supremely for this sedan into making him stronger than before.

When we take a closer look, we can see that the new 2020 Lincoln Continental is arriving with some brand new lines on the sides. Those lines are keeping him appear sportier than before. It seems that new Continental arrives on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels. With them, new Continental arrives to become stronger than before. Those wheels are making him stronger, even if you’re driving him off-road. Of course, if you’re actually willing to take him off-road which means that new Continental is going to get a bit muddy and dusty. On the back, new Continental has wider taillights which are really looking supreme and they really suit this kind of sedan.

2020 Lincoln Continental Cabin

2020 Lincoln Continental Interior Design, Specs, Comfort Level

In the matter of comfort, new 2020 Lincoln Continental is surely one of the best that has ever been released to the market. It offers way more room for the passengers than it used to have. That way, they’re going to enjoy more pleasure when it comes to the long journey. The interior designers have taken great care into making it that way. Now, this generation of Continental is made to have fewer buttons on the instrument board which makes it superb. With that being said, we know that new Continental is set to become the best-equipped sedan on the upcoming year market. Also, we are sure that it’s going to become one of the super modern sedans.

Even though Lincoln has announced that new Continental is going to be the best it can be today, they still don’t want to reveal all the functions that are going to be installed inside. Now,  2020 Lincoln Continental is going to be equipped with way more safety functions than it is equipped with the entertainment ones. That is due to the previous version was equipped with the different balance in the function numbers. We’re loving every function that’s going to be installed in this new Continental. New Continental is set to work easier than before and therefore, they’ve installed brand new, 11.0-inches wide touchscreen on the middle of it.

2020 Lincoln Continental Rear

2020 Lincoln Continental Engine, Power, Top Speed

The engine unit is surely the best so far. We’re really proud about Lincoln adding better engine options for new 2020 Lincoln Continental. The officials aren’t that willing to talk about the different engine choices but we’ve been able to discover one of them at the moment. That’s going to be the basic trim level choice and according to the rumors, it’s going to be superb. We know that’s going to be the 3.7-liter V6 petrol powered unit. This one is capable to deliver more than decent power amount for new Continental. According to the details, it’s suitable with the 305 horsepower and with the torque amount of 280 lb/ft as the maximum. We’re so proud about this engine unit and that it’s going to be under the hood of this awesome sedan.

What is maybe the best thing about new Continental is that some of his engine units could be available with AWD mode. That’s really good for the upcoming customers and potential buyers of new Continental.

2020 Lincoln Continental Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2020 Lincoln Continental is set to go from May 2020. The starting price for new Continental is set to be $171.500 which is quite suitable.

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