2020 Suzuki Maruti Concept, India

2020 Suzuki Maruti Front

We are so proud to talk about one of the finest upcoming cars such as the new 2020 Suzuki Maruti. He’s designed to represent quite a pleasure for everyone that buys this type of car. Suzuki has done more than just hard and serious work and we can see that, as ever, hard work really pays off. We have one super serious car in front of us and we are ready to share his details with you. Take a look at all of the details we have found out. 

2020 Suzuki Maruti Front

2020 Suzuki Maruti Specs, Exterior Design, Appearance

We are happy to introduce you to the newest product that comes out of Suzuki’s factory. That’s the refreshed version of Maruti which is their latest concept product. We know that new Maruti is released to be classier than before thanks to the improved edges and some great endings of this car. It is said that Suzuki is going to take really good care about his chassis. That means that Suzuki will give him only the finest materials for the chassis. According to the rumors, new Maruti is going to be made using nothing but the finest chrome and finest carbon fiber. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the finest and the most important parts on this car, they’re still going to be made from hard steel that needs to keep him firm and steady. That proves that safety is still a very important part of this car. 

Even though 2020 Suzuki Maruti is announced with the only minimum of the required exterior color choices, we’re so happy with the ones that are offered. We know that you’re going to love this car more than before. This time, Suzuki has given him a bigger set of wheels and tires. That is one of the sure ways to make him stronger than before. Also, that is one of the ways how Suzuki is sure that this car will have a better grip on the road. Furthermore, that leads to the reduced usage of fuel. Of course, that is always great to know. Having that all considered, new Maruti has no obstacle to becoming the number one on the lists all around the world.

2020 Suzuki Maruti Cabin

2020 Suzuki Maruti Interior Look, Comfort Level, Size

We are absolutely in love with every new concept that arrives because that means that’s not the final version. It is still left to be judged and to be redesigned if needed. New 2020 Suzuki Maruti is surely one of those. Suzuki has released one of his versions but most of the details are obviously not finished. The first thing you can notice that needs to be done some more is the instrument board. Of course, it’s going to be released with fewer buttons than before but we haven’t seen any of them at all. We need to see at least the climate controller buttons because that’s how the Suzuki works. He leaves them there so you can control them without any other functions shutting down. We know that those climate vents are going to be all made in the circular shape which makes him sportier than before.

Suzuki still doesn’t want to reveal the final version of the design of the seats. We are sure that they’re going to be bigger than before and that the lumbar support is going to be spectacular. That is something they have announced and we’re expecting him to appear with exactly what has been said. When it comes to the infotainment system, new 2020 Suzuki Maruti is expected to take one of the top three places on the market. Suzuki has said that they’re really paying all the attention to it now. They want this car to be extra modern. Let’s wait a bit longer to see about those features.

2020 Suzuki Maruti Side

2020 Suzuki Maruti Engine, Power, Performances

Of course, any new and modern car needs to have the perfect engine unit under his hood. Therefore, new 2020 Suzuki Maruti is still going to be a mystery for all of the customers but we have found out some of the details that can make him closer to us. New Maruti is said to be powered using the hybrid engine unit as the basic. To be honest, we haven’t expected him with anything else. Now, that’s going to be the perfect pair of the 2.6-liter petrol powered engine and the 4 lithium-ion batteries that create that electric engine unit. This mighty and useful engine can develop the power of 150 horses and more than 130 lb/ft as the torque amount. Of course, the main thing you’re going to choose him for is fuel consumption.

When you’re driving it using this hybrid engine, it is said that his fuel consumption can be around 53 mpg city/highway combined driving. That’s more than amazing. It is also great that when you’re driving him using only electric engine unit you can go over 50 miles which is also a great number for this new Suzuki’s project. Of course, Suzuki still hasn’t confirmed all of these details but we believe that the numbers we have, aren’t that wrong at all. 

2020 Suzuki Maruti Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Suzuki Maruti is said to be sold at the $37.500 as the basic price. Of course, that could yet be changed but we don’t expect some massive difference. The release date is yet to be released but we don’t expect him before November 2020.

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