2020 Tesla Model S Price, Specs

Among the many modern looking cars, new 2020 Tesla Model S is not just stunning, it works incredibly. Tesla Motors is one of the finest car company that really knows what’s great for the environment. Now, they’re ready to release a brand new generation of their famous Model S which made the customers speechless when it first hit the market. We’re so convinced that Tesla’s engineers are capable to create something new on this car. Let’s see all the details we have found out about this awesome car. Continue reading “2020 Tesla Model S Price, Specs”

2020 Tesla Pickup All-Electric

There are numbers of electric cars all around the world but only new 2020 Tesla Pickup is the first all-electric truck. We are so proud to see him actually getting some important information`s that we can share with the customers. You can be curious as much as you want but Tesla didn`t want to reveal anything about this pickup. Now, that`s changed. We are more than proud to be one of the first sites to talk about this model. Take a look at everything we have found out about this model. Continue reading “2020 Tesla Pickup All-Electric”